World Class Strategic HR Leadership Excellence & Analytics – 2020Date: 16th – 18th March 2020 Doha, Qatar

  • To gain valuable exposure to proven world class solutions and acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively and efficiently implement in your workplace.
  •  Employee salaries and HR programs frequently account for close to half of many organizations operating expenses. One reason for this high level of investment is the recognition that people are the ultimate source of innovation and competitive advantage. To leverage maximum employee value and potential, many leading organizations are making the transition from transnational to transformational HR and turning to people analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their workforces and improve the quality and credibility of HR decision-making.
  • You will enjoy being part of this highly interactive learning environment where you will have the opportunity to put in cpractice a wide range of best practices gained during the three days
  • You will have access to recognized HR and analytics subject matter experts with extensive global HR and Analytics experience that will allow you to generate positive outcomes for yourself and your organization.


  • The changing nature of work and how YOU add a competitive advantage.
  • YOUR critical role in delivering a competitive advantage through people.
  • How to accelerate YOUR career.
  • How to articulate the value of analytics.
  • How to build a business case for analytics.

Learn How to

  • Understand the business context and its implications for HR.
  • Develop an HR strategy and plans that are anchored in the business strategy.
  • Identify and build the critical capabilities your organisation needs.
  • Adopt practices that build employee engagement and develop leaders of the future.
  • Use a tool kit of best practice HR skills.
  • How to unleash the power of Agile Human Resource Excellence.
  • Energize learning and make it fun.

Invest in

  • YOURSELF by making the decision to participate inthis highly interactive, FUN, unique experiential masterclass

This Masterclass is designed to improve the strategic HR and analytics knowledge and expertise of participants from all functional areas of business. In fact, the added benefit of YOU attending this Masterclass will be the rich interaction between line and HR professionals. You should attend if you are an aspiring or incumbent Chief, Director, VP Head, Senior Manager, Team Leader, Expert or Specialist who is seeking to improve your Strategic HR and analytics knowledge and expertise.

  • Practical and insightful HR and analytics Masterclass designed for HR Practitioners and Functional Leaders in mind
  • FUN and unique HR Business simulation approach customized for this program
  • Learn about current and future shaping HR technology trends

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