World Class Ports & Terminal Management Excellence 2017

World Class Ports & Terminal Management Excellence 2017Date: 13th to 15th November 2017, Dubai

World Class Ports & Terminal Management Excellence 2017


Gerard has been engaged with the container logistics industry for over 25 years. As an ex P&O Maritime and DP World Executive, Gerard has a practical grounding in the maritime, stevedore and landside transport industries across the globe. He has unique skills set, having been involved nationally and globally with business improvement, business transformation, and management development. In addition, Gerard has managed complex operational environments.

Prior to joining Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA), Gerard was Managing Director of P&O Maritime’s involved in managing bulk exports and containerised freight providing business support, and advocacy on commercial, operational, industrial and regulatory issues. He has led highly rated public seminars & in-house programs all across Asia Pacific & Middle East, Africa, Europe & Australia


  • Better understand the political, social and economic environment in which ports operate and how this impacts capital investment and operational management of ports
  • Investigate the international container supply chain and assess how commercial, operational & stakeholder relationships impact efficiency and profitability
  • Discuss the impact of bigger ships and the accompanying container surging and peaking. What it means for terminal and the local infrastructure
  • Discuss the merits of green vs brownfield container port developments
  • Understand the operations of a container terminal as a ‘system’
  • Discuss quay utilization and capacity
  • Investigate port optimization, including maximizing yard and gate efficiency and the benefits of improving truck turn around times
  • Use port capacity and optimization tools for planning, budgeting and managing revenues and cost
  • Discuss the future of automation in terminals and landside activity

Who Should Attend

  • Directors, Division Heads, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers and Specialists of the following departments
    • Port and Terminal
    • Operations
    • Commercial
    • Strategy
    • Port Planning and Design
    • Engineering or Technical
    • Vessel and Port Security
    • Infrastructure or Facility
    • Cargo
    • Marine
    • Finance and Investment
    • Business Development and Sales
    • International Trade
    • Government regulators
    • Logistics
  • From these target sectors
    • Ministries
    • Port Authorities
    • Port Operators
    • Terminal Operators
    • Terminal Technology
    • Providers
    • Terminal Services Providers
    • Marine Infrastructure
    • Developers
    • Engineers & Port Designers
    • Marine Equipment
    • Manufacturers
    • Marine Consultants
    • Insurance Companies
    • Financial Institutions




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