World Class Leadership Development Excellence 2017Date: 15th to 17th March 2017, Malaysia


Organizations depend upon capable leadership to guide them through unprecedented changes. We believe the Financial turmoil that we are currently observing has something to do with leadership, and that if we don’t change our current approach to leadership development, we will see even more of the same.

Surveys of CEO’s show that CEO’s believe the one factor that will determine their fate is “the quality of their leadership talent”. Yet many top executives bemoan the lack of leadership bench strength in their companies. Can we count on the next generation of leaders to step up once they are in position? Or are we seeing evidence of a talent gap that cannot be closed and will result in even greater numbers of high-profile failures?

Without proper leadership, even the best and boldest strategies die on the vine, their potential never realized. This Masterclass will focus on how to make the transition from management to leadership in the modern organization; How to deal with the diverse expectations of the modern organization; how to lead a multi- generational workforce and how to separate important information from the masses of data that confront us every day so that we can make effective and evidence based decisions.


  • Understand what leadership really is
  • Be able to apply their learning and insights directly in their own organisations
  • Learn unique and powerful ways to strengthen their impact as a leader
  • Improved capacity to adapt to change, act on new business opportunities and challenges
  • Understand their own leadership strengths and how these impact leading in diverse environments
  • Exposure to powerful insights&perspectives from faculty&participants alike
  • Strengthen the bench of leadership candidates for rapidly changing organisations
  • Be more resourceful&resilient in facing complex challenges
  • Take away personalised development plans to entrench the learning and drive long termgrowth

Who Should Attend

  • Emerging Leaders: individuals identified as successor candidates and/or highpotentials.
  • Senior Leaders: individuals serving as strategic leaders with enterprise-wide focus and long-term impact, e.g. General Managers, Vice Presidents, Business Unit Leaders, Staff Function Leaders and Csuite Executives
  • Leadership Teams: intact leadership teams(the direct reports of those people listed in the “Senior Leaders” description above) who customize their experience to achieve a unique off-site team experience that blends leadership development, team building, and annual reviews




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