Valuation of Pharmaceutical Licenses and Acquisitions 2017Date: 26 TO 28 JULY 2017 , SINGAPORE



Pharmaceutical professionals that do not have a finance background often struggle to understand the approaches used in the valuation of products for licensing and acquisition, and lack the skills to undertake their own assessments. This course aims to fill this gap, and starts with a grounding in the fundamental concepts of valuation and quickly gives delegates hands-on experience to create their own valuation models within the first couple of hours. As each new concept is introduced delegates undertake increasingly complex exercises to reinforce their learning and develop further valuation models, which are based on real-life examples from the trainer’s extensive practical experience.

On the final day delegates apply the knowledge and skills learnt during the course to complete a major valuation exercise to conclude a win:win deal as either the buyer or seller of a pharmaceutical company. Delegates will receive a copy of all of the presentations used during the course, together with the Excel valuation models used for the exercises.

Delegates will receive a copy of all of the presentations used during the course, together with the Excel valuation models used for the exercises.


  • To understand fundamental valuation concepts, including Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Net Present Value (NPV), and the use of comparables to benchmark license or acquisition deals.
  • To appreciate when and how to use each valuation approach for different types of companies, and for products in differing stages of development.
  • To understand the tools and techniques to assess a market in which a product competes and to be able to create a robust market model prior to creating a product valuation model.
  • To acquire the skills to create a simple product valuation model in Excel and to subsequently develop increasingly complex models to take account of the risks inherent with pharmaceutical products including development risk, patent expiry and market environment.
  • To understand what types of intellectual property can be licensed, and how to structure a licensing deal for a pharmaceutical product.
  • To have the skills required to develop models to value and structure both in-licenses and outlicenses.
  • To understand how to restructure a license or acquisition as part of the negotiation process, in order to share value equitably between the parties involved.
  • To be able to model alternative deal structures, including collaborative developments or deals involving more than two organisations, and to undertake sophisticated scenario analysis.
  • To understand how to value a pharmaceutical or biotech company based on either the “sum of the parts” or “top down” approaches, and when to use each technique.
  • To gain an understanding of the fundamental drivers of licenses and acquisitions and the licensing and acquisition process, including the application of different screening and selection tools.
  • Participants will learn from Dr John Buckle who values and negotiates international pharmaceutical deals on a day-to-day basis.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers new to business development, licensing or M&A roles who want to understand the fundamentals of valuation
  • Licensing and business development managers who wish to develop their knowledge and skills
  • Scientists, commercial staff and lawyers involved with licensing and M&A who want to understand valuation process and techniques
  • CEOs and senior managers of small to medium sized companies who want to develop the hands-on skills required to value products and companies
  • Senior management likely to be involved in negotiations or in approving potential licensing or acquisition deals who want to understand the approaches used in valuation



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