Strategic Pharma & Biotech Partnerships Excellence 2017Date: 15th to 17th March 2017, Malaysia


The model for development of new pharmaceutical products is changing rapidly and your company’s strategy must respond, whether you are a large pharmaceutical company, or an emerging biotech company. Alternative sourcing programs are emerging. Alliances are becoming more and more central to new product development as alliancecentric external development programs emerge. Movements towards better integration of business development and alliance management functions, and better linkage of alliances and acquisition activity, are also transforming how companies are finding, evaluating, structuring and negotiating deals and working with their external partners. Be part of this Premier Workshop, get pre-armed with resolution strategies; and take your partnering strategy, skills, and tools to the next level!


  • Explore the strategic imperative for companies to engage in partnering activities to enhance their pipelines, products and market access.
  • Learn how to plan for partnering and select and approach the right partner
  • Discover through case studies of recent deals how partnerships between Pharma, biotech, CROs and public sector bodies work for all parties
  • Understand why deals are structured the way they are and how the key financial elements are negotiated
  • Learn how contracts are structured and master the purpose and meaning of common clauses
  • Examine the rationale for alliance management and what qualities make a good alliance manager
  • Learn how partnerships follow a lifecycle with predictable issues at each stage
  • Examine critical issues in alliance management and how to deal with them
  • Understand the available tools for partnership management

Who Should Attend

Director, Heads, Sr.Manager, General Manager and Managers of:

Big Pharma

  • R&D Directors/Managers
  • External Technology Sourcing Managers / Executives
  • Corporate Venture Investing Managers / Executives
  • Business Development Managers / Executives
  • Alliance Management
  • Project Management
  • Senior Executives
  • Strategic Planning
  • Commercialization Alliance Managers/ Executives
  • IT Infrastructure Managers
  • Corporate Venture Investment Program Managers
  • Venture Capitalists

Biotech Firms

  • Business Development
  • Alliance Management
  • Project Management
  • Senior Executives
  • R&D Directors/Managers




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