Strategic Asset And Portfolio Management Excellence 2017Date: 22nd to 24th February 2017, Malaysia


This 3 days hands-on course adopts a disciplined strategy for mitigating risks using the multiple-asset class investment approach grounded in the key principles of modern portfolio theory. Renowned Investment, Financial and Wealth Management expert, Will Lawton will demonstrate how adding new asset classes to a portfolio improves its risk adjusted returns and how strategic asset allocation uses, rather than fights, the forces of the capital markets to achieve financial success.

With more than three decades of experience in managing portfolios, Will Lawton will underscore a broad range of Investment management processes from client profiling through to building and maintaining portfolios. In addition, to traditional investment management approach, the course will also cover the latest developments within the world of Fintech and particularly ROBO advisory and the reasons behind the disruptions within the Wealth industry globally.


  • Explore the main pitfalls and problems facing peers in asset management today
  • Understand how to design robust asset allocation models for all market conditions
  • Build and maintain optimal portfolio’s based on investor needs
  • Analyse the key features, advantages and risks of a broad range of asset classes and their performance in different market conditions
  • Gain competitive advantage from understanding behavioural biases and how to manage them
  • Understand the theoretical and practical issues in connection with multi asset class investing
  • Evaluation of investment performance and the factors that influence performance
  • Adopt a comprehensive digital infrastructure that integrates every aspect of their activities and corporate culture, from the back office to how they service clients and market to new prospects.
  • Partner strategically with FinTech innovators to deliver technological solutions at the speed the market expects.
  • Construct an efficient strategy to manage investments in Emerging Markets
  • Enhance portfolio returns by the strategic use of alternative investments vehicles including Hedge Funds, Specialty Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Private Equity, Structured Products, and non-financial assets

Who Should Attend

  • Investment Analysts/Managers/Directors Equity and fixed income analysts
  • Wealth managers and private bankers
  • Asset managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Independent financial advisors Back and middle office professionals
  • Discretionary managers
  • Investment counsellors
  • Relationship managers
  • Financial Institutions and independent financial consultant
  • Professionals in Fintech & digital strategy




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