Smart City Concept To Reality Masterclass Singapore 2020Date: 17th -20th Feb 2020 Hotel Grand Copthorne Singapore


Future of Cities

Economic growth and industrialization requires well planned “sustainable” urbanization. With a increasing share of population moving from rural to urban areas, our cities need to be designed to meet the needs to work, live and play for the residents and the communities in harmony with nature. Under Smarts Cities Mission, India has identified 100 cities to be developed into Smart Cities in public private partnership; a large part of the resources will be raised from private sources. Similar initiatives are underway in other developing countries. This would require better urban planning including transport infrastructure, integrated living to create vibrant
communities and creative financing to raise much needed finances. A robust project management discipline is required to identify and engage stakeholders including communities and ensure detailed planning and timely implementation.

Integrated Smart Cities Planning Workshop

Set in the modern “Smart City” of Singapore, this 5-day programme serves to seed progressive, futurist thinking on city planning and development. Participants will interact with leading experts from around the world in exploring innovations and strategies for tapping the power of stakeholders from all walks of life to foster urban excellence. As the course progresses, participants will leverage what they learn to construct a model city, and so too will the evolution of the model that participants will be designing. The workshop will also include a session on how the cities can raise finances to funds their development.

  • Cities and the Shared Economy
  • The Future of Cities, Cities of the Future
  •  Cities as Products: Marketing and Promotion Strategies
  • Whose City is it Anyway: Governance and Management
  • Global Cities – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Building Attractive CBDs and Downtowns
  • Urban Regeneration Strategies for Revitalising Cities and Towns
  • Raising Private Financing
  • Planning and Project Management
  •  Smart City Planners And Managers
  • Policymakers
  •  Smart City Company Executives
  •  Urban Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs And Company Executives
  • Ngos
  •  Bankers/ Project Finance Executives
  •  Ministry for digital policy/ public administration/ public work department
  • Ministry for housing and urban development
  •  Mayor, Governor