Corporate Governance for Business Excellence 2019Date: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

This Masterclass will equip delegates with the elements to manage conflicts inside and outside the Boardroom. The three-day training will encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration and business excellence. Breaking down silos, enhancing employee engagement and developing the corporate culture is vital for businesses who want to perform at the highest levels. In today’s demanding corporate environment, conflict which is not managed successfully within an organisation can lead to underperformance and in some cases corporate failure. The workshop will also enable delegates to perform at optimal levels and strive towards business excellence.

  • Understand the creative and destructive potential of conflict and conflict management
  • Explore the structure and dynamics of conflict by examining the key elements and how conflict develops and escalates.
  • Group work and role playing will allow participants to develop and refine their cognitive and practical conflict management skills and tools.
  • Understand the importance of the parties’ personal impact on the conflict management process – in terms of basic assumptions held about the nature of conflict, their values, cognitive and practical skills and experience.
  • Gain practical tools and insights that will allow the participants to effectively decide when and how to negotiate, mediate or arbitrate a dispute, while minimizing its negative impacts in the board of directors’ effectiveness.
  • Use all elements of the student’s cognitive and practical conflict management skills to help negotiate or mediate outcomes that are as effective and productive as possible.
  • Chairmen
  • Board Sub-Committees
  • CEOs / COOs
  • Company Secretaries
  • Board Directors
  • Independent and Non-Executive Directors
  • Boardroom Executives
  • Senior Executives
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Directors of IT, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal
  • Head of Compliance
  • Chief Internal Auditor
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Corporate Governance Professionals
  • Regulators

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