COMPANY SECRETARY AND BOARD EVALUATION EXCELLENCEDate: 27th to 29th September 2017, South Africa


A three-day masterclass aimed at helping you build the effectiveness of your Board and enhancing the role the Company Secretary can play to achieve that greater effectiveness. You’ll leave the course with some practical ideas that you can take back to your own Boards, plus an understanding of how Company Secretaries can really add value to organisations, and for those in the role, some ideas for building your profile. You’ll be asked to share your own views, contribute your experiences and join in discussions about best practise in your jurisdiction. The workshop will investigate the many facets of what being a good company secretary looks like, how he or she can work to improve standards of governance inside the organisation and particularly the board, and aspire to the highest levels inside an organisation, and achieve his or her ultimate career ambitions.


  • Understand where the company secretary fits into the entity’s governance structure
  • Provide greater clarity of the role of the company secretary in facilitating corporate governance, and support for the Board
  • Understand the range of tasks associated with the work of the company secretary
  • Recognise the company secretary’s role in supporting the entity’s governance structure culture
  • Appreciate how the company secretary interacts with the other board members
  • Appreciate the role of the company secretary in facilitating relationships
  • Explore the legal authority (and obligations) of the company secretary
  • Acknowledge the company secretary’s contribution to the successful performance of the entity, particularly through analysing board performance and evaluating that performance
  • Through teaching, discussion, group exercises and case studies, the workshop will explore the issues and deepen participants’ learning. Participants should come prepared to participate and interact, in order to share with, and learn from, colleagues

Who Should Attend

  • Mid to senior management professionals with a remit in organisational resilience such as:
    • Company Secretary
    • Chairman
    • CEO / COO
    • Director
    • Chief Internal Auditor
    • Chief Risk Officer
    • Head of Compliance
  • Head of Finance / CFO
  • Head of Vigilance
  • Secretary to Board
  • Audit Committee Members
  • Regulators
  • Corporate governance professionals




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