Product Innovation Excellence in Insurance 2017Date: 22nd to 24th February 2017, Malaysia


Insurance and Financial Services Companies will need to adapt to rapidly changing events on the ground or they will find themselves left behind in increasingly niche market positions.

Tremendous innovation is happening across world. Whether it is the advent of the ‘peer to peer’ insurance startups, using the power of 340 million tweets each day to predict movements in the stock market or designing wealth management platforms that are indistinguishable from Social Media, the nature of financial services products are rapidly changing and evolving in profound ways that we are now only beginning to understand.

For the financial services industry, there are additional challenges beyond simply introducing a competitive product to market. The requirements for innovation and due regard for customer experience means that now, more than ever, product development means developing an end-to-end customer experience, not just ‘the product’. And the impact of new technologies, in particular social media and mobile technology, are profoundly redefining the form and function of financial services products as well as redefining what it means to be truly innovative.

This program considers product development for Insurance and financial services in the light of the increasingly disruptive forces that are reshaping the financial services landscape.


  • Comprehensive Business Case toolkit for new product development.
  • Roadmap to create an innovation incubator to fasttrack the development of new ideas in the coming 10 years and beyond.
  • Hyper innovation Store tour.

Who Should Attend

CEO, COO, CMO, CIO, Senior Vice President, Group Heads, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managing, Executive, General Manager, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Executive and practitioners from:

  • Product Development / Product Innovation
  • Product Project Team
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Product Risk / Product Review
  • Marketing / Channel Marketing / Retail Strategy / Communication
  • Market Intelligence / Market Segmenting
  • Branch Banking
  • Head Actuarial
  • Priority Banking
  • Business Development / Branding
  • Head of Information Technology
  • Bancassurance




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