Annual SME & Commercial Banking Excellence 2019Date: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Annual SME Commercial Banking Excellence 2019
  • SME and commercial bankers have a good grasp of credit, and an understanding of what separates a ‘good’ borrower from a ‘bad’ borrower. This course is designed to provide bankers with additional understanding that will enhance their knowledge, addressing specific issues including:
  • Incorporating an understanding of how the business environment impacts on borrowers and on credit analysis
  • Early warning signals of potential failure by SME and commercial borrowers.
  • More complex financial analysis, including (i) a discussion of common techniques in misleading and deceptive accounting,
    and (ii) a discussion on ways of understanding the operational and financial performance of SMEs with inadequate financial
  • Examining the potential of ‘fintech’ to change the credit process.
  • A brief discussion of the impact of good (and bad) corporate governance on creditworthiness.

The programme will significantly increase participants’ awareness of these macro issues, and encourage their respective financial institutions to put in place systems and procedures to monitor such issues. At the level of the individual credit, the programme will encourage better credit and financial analysis, and this a stronger and more resilient credit portfolio.

  • Head of SME Banking
  • Distribution Heads and SME Specialists
  • Head of Marketing
  • Branch Managers & Branch Heads
  • Portfolio & Lending
  • Risk and Financial Analysis Staff from Lenders
  • Head of SME Product Development
  • Strategic Planning Personnel
  • Credit Management Department
  • Bank Risk Managers and Compliance Officers
  • Internal and external auditors of financial institutions
  • Analysts from private equity investment enterprises
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Credit
  • Head of Commercial Banking
  • Head of Projects
  • Commercial Lending

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