Annual Corporate Governance & Boardroom Excellence 2019Date: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Annual Corporate Governance & Boardroom Excellence 2019
  • The board of directors is a fundamental element of corporations worldwide. Often, though, “best practices” for boards remain undeveloped, poorly implemented, and sometimes even subverted. Where do corporate directors, chairmen, company secretaries and legal staff turn for advice on the real-world concerns that turn up inside the boardroom?
  • This course will have an intense four-day training on the tools you will need to shape your board into a powerful, professional fiduciary. It will comprise of lectures, role-playing, interactive polling, roundtable discussions and virtual board meetings, all aimed at building the strategies and specific actions to shape your board into a powerful, professional fiduciary.
  • The program will also include detailed, step-by-step guidance on the development and role of boards, governance best practices, structuring effective boards, leadership, and handling “inside the boardroom” conflicts.
  • Be prepared for active participation, extensive give-and-take discussions, and gaining a thorough knowledge of improved corporate governance, all in a pragmatic learning environment.
  • Tighter regulations, board independence and diversity demands are changing how every board will operate, its makeup, and its duties. Program will help your board be ready today for the changes you’ll face tomorrow.
  • To understand how the roles of investors, CEOs and board members are supposed to function in the boardroom (versus how they really function), and how you can improve the balance of power.
  • Don’t become the next corporate scandal! We’ll look at how boards failed Steinhoff, Public Investment Corporation, major banks, and too many other companies, and the valuable lessons they can teach for better governance.
  • Boards across Africa now face the dangerous mix of far tougher oversight demands, greater legal liability, and less time to deliver on them. We’ll give you the tools and tips needed for a boardroom that’s far more efficient, delivering better oversight, with less time, less work (and less frustration).
  • Learn how family businesses can select from governance best practices to improve results, ease tensions, and shape succession policies.
  • Here you will be able to adopt the required controls and tools your directors can use to spot risk, fraud, dangers and opportunities – custom designed for the unique role of the board.
  • Real boardroom exercises: How do we handle a crisis? How do we cope with a boardroom dispute? Is management telling us the truth?
  • Chairmen and chairwomen of boards and of board sub-committees
  • CEOs
  • Company secretaries
  • Boardroom executives
  • Leaders of state-owned enterprises
  • Venture capitalists and private equity partners
  • Independent and non-executive directors
  • C-suite executives
  • Directors of IT, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal
  • Compliance, Audit and Communications
  • Corporate governance professionals
  • Regulators

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