Advanced Process Safety Management Excellence 2018Date: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Advanced Process Safety Management Excellence 2018

Oil and gas companies handle the most dangerous chemicals and processes across all industries. Catastrophic incidents and casualties are products of the failure to manage process safety. The danger present in everyday operations is evolving thus it is essential to always improve in handling risk and hazard. Most companies already have established safety guidelines to follow. However, there is a constant need to continuously improve implementation and existing methodologies in order to gain better efficiency and attain optimal operations in a safe work environment.

This course addresses the above needs in process safety management. Aside from learning the methodologies and techniques in reducing risks and hazards, it will also integrate the concept of business continuity improvement to address how to further develop existing methodologies that companies have. The course will start with tackling the technical elements on risk & hazard identification (HAZOP, HAZID, SIL, LPA, etc.). It would then move on to the procedures in risk and hazard reduction and their application in having an inherently safer system design. The topic on contractor management shall also tackle how to manage safety between end-users and engineering contractors. Lastly, to culminate the course, guidelines on how to improve productivity and profitability through continuous improvement in safety management will also be provided. Extensive case studies will be discussed in order to learn from past industry accidents and catastrophes. Moreover, in-depth class discussion will be facilitated in order to promote a good exchange of industry knowledge amongst delegates .

The program is focused on the real life application of a carefully curated, proven toolset. Delegates will benefit from:

  • Transform the performance of your Finance team.
  • Build a top team with the skills to support you.
  • Add more value to your business.
  • Improve speed quality and relevance of management information.
  • Improve understanding of how to deliver change quickly.
  • Better align strategy with management information.
  • Develop solid understanding of how M&A is used as a tool to grow businesses.
  • CFO’s role in Corporate Governance.

The course is designed for, but not limited to PSM, HSE, and Process Managers / Engineers, who are involved with safety management and process design

  • PSM Managers / Engineers
  • Process Managers / Engineers
  • HSE Managers / Engineers
  • Operations Managers / Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers / Engineers
  • Control, Monitoring, Emergency Response

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