Advanced Card Issuing, Acquiring & Payments 2017Date: 8th to 10th November 2017, Johannesburg, SA

Advanced Card Issuing, Acquiring & Payments 2017


The course is designed to provide attendees with a complete picture of the innovation and change that is going on in the payments market. It examines what from the past has not changed and is unlikely to do so, the ways new technology is
changing the markets, the new competitors entering the market and the changes this will bring. It also examines the way the regulators across the world are changing the way we work and being a disruptive factor in the changes required and mandated.
The aim of the course is to provide a complete description and explanation regarding end to end on card issuing and acquiring, with international schemes, local schemes and white label. In Issuing be that for cards, debit, credit, charge, prepaid, mobile wallets, NFC and any other account supported. In Acquiring for any channel that can be used in acquiring, ATM, Physical POS, Mobile Payments,
ecommerce, NFC, or even paper vouchers.


  • Understand where the money is made and how to plan growth realistically in an era of change.
  • Discover emerging markets and their potential and identify the drivers that will develop the payments business.
  • Understand what an acquirer is, the risk and benefits and what you need to do to become one
  • Understand what an issuer is, the risk and benefits and what you need to do to become one
  • Learn the types of fraud and prevention techniques
  • Discover new types of Cards Dual Application / Prepaid / NFC
  • Explore Wallets – Will these take over from credit/debit / prepaid – what is their future?
  • Learn how to select the best product to suit your customers and which factors to consider in any new project
  • Plan the launch of a payment product into a new geographic marketplace
  • Discover how prepaid, NFC and dual application instruments fit into the payments world.
  • Analyse new payment methods such as Square, iZettle, Mpowa and Facebook credits and understand the threats and advantages they pose.
  • Learn how to overcome the operational challenges unique to the sector
  • Explore the innovations entering the markets, their impact, and potential
  • Learn the faster and newer ways of operating in a changing market
  • Identify the real disruptors in the business today and going forward

Who Should Attend

  • Directors, Head of Departments, VP, SVP, GM, CGM, Managers of below Departments:
    • Retail Banking
    • Cards
    • E-Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • Product Development
    • Payments
    • Resource Mobilization
    • IT




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