9th Annual Corporate Governance for Business Excellence 2018 – DubaiDate: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

9th annual corporate governance for business excellence 2018

This advanced workshop will reinforce what governance is, and how good governance improves business acumen so that the organisation can retain administrative and operational excellence through both normal and more turbulent times.

Our four days together will include identifying the new governance challenges and how board members, senior officials and managers can ensure effective adaptation to a continually changing business environment.

Each day has a key question that the day’s programme will aim to answer.

  • Identifying and applying good governance within the organisation and how it links to excellence.
  • Understanding and addressing the new challenges to business models, strategy and risk management from IT innovation, social media, and a 24/7 global market.
  • Recognising the importance of leaderships’ responsibilities and behaviour within the organisation and how they influence relationships across staff, customer, clients and the supply chain.
  • Encouraging a flexible and adaptive workforce, from the chairperson to the doorperson.
  • Developing practices to enable sound accountability by the board, and useful and honest transparency and disclosures towards all stakeholders.
  • Managing the various elements of governance, such as financial and IT governance.
  • Valuing the role of assurance across strategy, analysis, operations, and resources to achieve desired outputs and outcomes.
  • Developing approaches to proactively identify, prepare for and respond to crises affecting business’ ongoing continuity.
  • Chairmen and Women of Boards and of Board Sub-Committees
  • CEOs
  • Company Secretaries
  • Boardroom Executives
  • Independent and Non-Executive Directors
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Directors of IT, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal, Compliance, Audit and Communications
  • Corporate Governance Professionals
  • Regulators

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