8th Edition: Corporate Governance & Conflict Management 2018, DubaiDate: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

8th Edition: Corporate Governance & Conflict Management 2018, Dubai

Conflicts are a normal, natural and inevitable part of life. Wherever and whenever there are human interactions, there will be conflict. It happens, all the time, anywhere, everywhere: at work, at home and in all our relationships with others, and specially in corporate boardrooms. Conflict, however, is not necessarily an undesirable feature in the boardroom. Quite the contrary, conflict is an opportunity for improvement, if Board Directors know how to handle disputes in a productive way.

Unfortunately, most of the available training in corporate governance do not include tools that prepare Board Directors to address, mediate and resolve the inevitable disputes. Most times, Board Directors are trained to see conflict as a negative and undesirable feature. This view allows conflicts to escalate and ultimately impacts the effectiveness of the board of directors in the fulfilment of its governance and strategic duties, resulting in loss of value to shareholders.

In fact, the way conflicts are addressed and how disputes are resolved is the single most critical factor in any business relationship to determine whether a relationship will be healthy or unhealthy, mutually satisfying or unsatisfying, friendly or unfriendly, deep or shallow, intimate or cold, productive or unproductive.It is therefore important to equip board directors with the knowledge and tools to enable them to face the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by the conflicts and disputes arising in the boardroom. These tools and skills are an increasingly important for the success of any corporate leader, including and specially board directors.

Benefiting from the course instructor’s extensive global experience as CEO, Board Director and Chair, combined with his background and expertise in business, corporate governance, law and dispute resolution, in both developed and developing markets, students will acquire knowledge and practical tools to learn how to negotiate, mediate, and resolve disputes in the boardroom using available Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tools.

  • Understand the creative and destructive potential of conflict and conflict management
  • Explore the structure and dynamics of conflict by examining the key elements and how conflict develops and escalates.
  • Group work and role playing will allow participants to develop and refine their cognitive and practical conflict management skills and tools.
  • Understand the importance of the parties’ personal impact on the conflict management process – in terms of basic assumptions held about the nature of conflict, their values, cognitive and practical skills and experience.
  • Gain practical tools and insights that will allow the students to effectively decide when and how to negotiate, mediate or arbitrate a dispute, while minimizing its negative impacts in the board of directors’ effectiveness.
  • Gain practical tools and insights that will allow the students to effectively decide when and how to negotiate, mediate or arbitrate a dispUse all elements of the student’s cognitive and practical conflict management skills to help negotiate or mediate outcomes that are as effective and productive as possible.
  • Any professional who is in leadership position, board directors and Chairs, and wishes to increase his/her effectiveness by broadening his / her skills in the resolution of disputes arising in the boardroom.
  • Individuals identified as successor candidates and / or high-potentials.
  • Strategic leaders with enterprise-wide focus and long-term impact, such as General Managers, Vice Presidents, Business Unit Leaders, Staff Function Leaders and C-suite Executives
  • Individuals that participate in collective decision-making processes in corporations such as board of directors, committees, and multilateral negotiations.

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