5th Annual Global Health, Safety & Environment for 2018, DubaiDate: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

5th Annual Global Health, Safety & Environment for 2018, Dubai

The management of the risks associated with Health, Safety and Environmental HSE, threats to a business is becoming increasingly complex and as part of any credible global business, needs to be managed at all levels of the business, with leadership provided by an Executive Team, supported by the Board of Directors, in a consistent, systematic manner.

History also demonstrates, that in many instances major accident events can result in consequences beyond what the management envisage, resulting in a situation that escalates beyond the capacity of the company to recover both financially and reputationally. The 2010 Deepwater well blow-out accident is an example, whereby the company had to deal with a significant financial penalty associated with the environmental impact that stretched the capacity of the company to maintain operations, in addition to managing the personnel casualties and reputational damage.

During this three-day course, participants will discover the real HSE challenges that face the Executive Management team and their sub-ordinate managers and staff within a global business developing and operating any high hazard facility, but with a focus on the upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals business segments. The course will describe industry HSE management systems, to cater for both occupational and process safety hazards and the specific aspects requiring control to ensure risks are controlled to As Low as Is Reasonably Practicable, ALARP, through the people, processes and plant utilised in the business.

On completion of the course, attendees should be capable of:

  • Developing world class HSE management systems applicable to occupational, major hazards and process safety
  • Drafting the Terms of Reference for incident investigations including defining the boundaries of the investigation and the critical aspects of data collection, analysis, statement taking and reporting.
  • Evaluating their company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and defining world class KPIs for HSE and the integration of HSE KPIs with strategic business KPIs
  • Leading and / or defining the content of HSE Management Reviews – a key aspect of controlling HSE risks and highlighting the controls and actions needed to ensure risk remain ALARP
  • Understanding the impact of changes to the recently updated ISO Certification standards for HSSEQ ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001
  • Benchmarking your business as regards key control concepts applied in High Reliability Organisations
  • By taking part in real accident case studies – onshore and offshore – being able to define preventive and corrective actions and distinguishing action effectiveness based on proven concepts.
  • Understanding the framework used by world class Executive Leadership Teams and their Board of Directors when dealing with major hazards to the business and crisis response.
  • Developing major project regulatory compliance plans and operational assurance processes.
  • Defining key operational risk management techniques such as controlling changes and conducting evaluations for degraded safety critical systems.
  • Evaluating Emergency Response Plans in offshore, onshore and marine environments and the attributes of key response personnel
  • Understanding of risk control barriers and the importance of human factors and organisational competency for high risk operations.

Executive leaders in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and other major hazards industries.

  • Corporate HSE Directors, managers and advisors
  • Operational HSE managers and advisors
  • Quality managers and engineers
  • Asset integrity managers and engineers
  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Quality assurance managers and quality control inspectors
  • Process safety managers and specialists
  • Project managers and engineers
  • Operations managers and engineers
  • Construction managers and engineers
  • Process, mechanical, electrical, structural, marine, piping, electrical and instrumentation engineers
  • Verification managers
  • Project compliance engineers
  • Procurement managers and engineers
  • Contract Managers
  • Class and Flag Surveyors
  • Insurance managers to the oil and gas industry
  • Risk managers
  • Specialists in oil and gas finance, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions

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