5th Advanced International Trade Finance 2018, DubaiDate: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

5th Advanced International Trade Finance 2018, Dubai

If ever a product has changed in the last few years it is this trillion-dollar business. Viewed traditionally as a self-liquidating, non-interest, sensitive fee-earner, innovative bankers are learning all the lessons of the past and applying them to a world where commodity prices are as bullish as we have ever seen them. Emerging market countries, rich with mineral, ore, energy and agrarian commodities are seeking to do business with the rest of the world.

Most experts agree that a key driver for growth is a vibrant and robust Trade business, and yet the risk management issues are as important as they have ever been. Many deals fail to come to fruition either due to an incomplete understanding, or a failure to ensure that appropriate structures and mitigants are in place. In trade finance transactions, account managers are receiving a never-ending array of questions from credit managers who may not be experts in this subject. In fact banks – who were leaders in Trade finance some years ago – are rediscovering trade finance and its tremendous benefits to the bottom line. This course opens up the communication channels between credit managers and trade finance managers in a highly practical manner.

In three intensive days, this course confronts the current issues in international trade finance on a step-by-step basis. It will help lift the mystery behind trade and trading companies, and provide a thorough understanding of risks and solutions involved. You will return to work fully aware of the best risk mitigation and internal communication techniques, ready to do business in a safe and prudent manner.

  • Learn why Trade Finance is increasingly important both from a Financier and a Corporate perspective, and how it can be accessed to help with your business.
  • Understand the significance of managing a company’s cash conversion cycle.
  • How to gather and analyze the information surrounding a transaction.
  • Construct a typical Trade cycle analysis “TCA” and be able to identify the timing and amount of any funding gaps.
  • Learn about the banking products (both open account and documentary) that can assist exporters and importers with managing those gaps, and where they are appropriate.
  • Be able to correctly identify and describe the risks, benefits and legal aspects of the products.
  • Differentiate between key trade documents, understand their relative importance, and how they link with commercial contracts including the importance of using the correct Incoterm.
  • Develop an understanding of the regulatory environment surrounding trade and key supporting documents.
  • Identify Trade and payment risks in international commercial transactions and how they can be mitigated by buyers, sellers and financiers.
  • Gain knowledge of best practice deal structuring to mitigate risk, whilst ensuring quality, delivery and payment.
  • Understand the risks that are, and are not covered by various risk mitigation techniques.
  • Learn about the roles of ECA’s and Credit insurers and how they can help facilitate trade in difficult markets.
  • The difference between “Supply chain finance” and “Supplier Finance”, and key elements of structuring successful programs.
  • Craft an international credit policy suitable to a company’s risk appetite & competitive position.
  • Understand how banks determine whether or not to pay their Letters of credit, Bonds and Standby’s.
  • Avoid discrepancies in letter of credit documents.
  • Understand the circumstances under which bankruptcy of a customer can prevent payment of their letters of credit as preferential payment.
  • Appreciate the impact of AML and fraud in trade and key risk indicators to be aware of.
  • Negotiate for purchase and sale agreements that provide both solid protection and quick payment.
  • Develop awareness of some of the new products coming to market and how they could impact the future of Trade Finance.
  • Business Owners
  • CFOs and Company Treasurers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Trade, Export & Commodity Finance Executives
  • Import and Export Managers Credit and Collection Managers
  • Cash Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Corporate Bank Relationship Managers
  • Lending Professionals
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Accountants

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