4th Annual Product Innovation Excellence 2018, MalaysiaDate: 11th to 13th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

4th Annual Product Innovation Excellence 2018, Malaysia

What sets this program apart is that it goes well beyond theory to look at what Product Innovation really means today, five years from today and beyond. The 7 most important technologies that will shape product and service innovation over the next decade are identified but participants will also understand what they really mean and how they really work. It is a powerful mixture of understanding the current challenges, drawing insights from industries other than their own and the opportunity to experiment with a unique, proven tool kit.

This program will focus on the product, business and organisational challenges of driving an innovation agenda with practical examples and tools to put these into practice. The fourth day of the course is an experiential based learning activity that will equip delegates to leave ready to make a transformational difference to Product Innovation in their organisations.

The program is focused on the real life application of a carefully curated, proven toolset. Delegates will benefit from:

  • Understand the most talked about but not always fully understood technologies to have more informed conversation across their organisations as well as partners and vendors
  • Learning how to increase the effectiveness, success and velocity of Product Innovation in their organisations
  • Draw insights from real Product Innovation examples and hands-on activities
  • Gaining a unique tool kit that draw from the worlds of human centred design, lean start-up, Agile and organisation change
  • Understanding how to practically apply these tools in their organisation

CEO, COO, CMO, CIO, Senior Vice President, Group Heads, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managing, Executive, General Manager, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Executive and practitioners from:

  • Product owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Marketing Executives
  • Innovation Managers
  • Project Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Legal / Risk / HR Specialists
  • Senior Operations Managers
  • CIOs and IT Professionals

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