In-house training

At your own place - customized training solutions for you and your team

We run private, in-house courses for companies who need to train a whole team. Our in-house courses are made-to-measure solutions that inspire your team to dramatically boost business performance and exceed targets. Our experts come to you and the course is tailored to your business model and the level of your participants.

We share real life case studies relevant to your needs. We aim to challenge you, inspire you and help solve your problems.

Immersed Industry Training

What kind of courses do we offer?

We provide professional training courses in many sectors, including:

Banking & Finance
Audit Legal & Compliance
Corporate Functions

We also present horizontal courses in finance and management.

How do you benefit?

  • Discuss situations and cases specific to your organization in confidentiality
  • Resolve your challenges and improve margins through comprehensive, customized training to your organisations’ needs.
  • Reduce operational costs with training that is tailored around your exact needs and
  • requirements
  • Flexibility, we try to accommodate when and where you want to be trained
  • A chance to build team-spirit and bring staff together in a common learning environment
  • Strategic tie-up with more than 150 world renowned industry experts’ who are keen to pass along their knowledge to your staff
  • You save money:cost per person is lower than sending staff to a public course
  • You save more money: no airfare and no hotels to book for your staff
  • Best of all, YOU create a great impression in your bosses eyes by organizing high-quality training at an affordable investment
  • Dedicated in-house project management team”

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